Kanye West Drops Another Surprise Sunday Service Album on Christmas Day


This is the second consecutive Christmas release for West after last year's gospel-inspired album "Jesus Is Born", which he recorded with his Sunday Service Choir.

Rapper Kanye West just dropped a new surprise EP to celebrate Christmas day. "O Mira Nox" follows, which roughly translates to "O Holy Night".

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According to press materials, Emmanuel means "God is with us" and the music featured on the EP is composed of "ancient and Latin inspired new music". While the much-maligned West has deserved his fair share of criticism, the vocal work and compositions stand on their own as an impressive musical feat. The EP was released on Christmas day in "celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ". Its archetype, Jesus Is King, appeared in October 2019. The principal public Sunday Service execution occurred at Coachella on Easter Sunday, 2019.

The five-track EP is available to listen to on Spotify and Apple music. And while some fans are tripped up over what looks like another photoshop fail (some are convinced that the eldest Kardashian sister, Kourtney, is photoshopped into the flick), others can't stop talking about how Kim's husband is notably absent.