Google brings Pixel 5 features to older Pixel phones


The upcoming Google smartphone will reportedly be called the Google Pixel XE. It is an augmented reality app for the 5G Google Pixel devices, available on the Google Play Store right now. That sounds familiar to the system Apple has in place for the iPhone 12 series, though Google notes this "Adaptive Connectivity" feature isn't available on all carriers or for all apps. This feature improves the sound quality of your phone speaker based on your surroundings. According to the source, the Pixel XE is unlikely to be launched by the end of the year as the company has launched three devices this year including the Pixel 4A 5G. The tech giant says the feature saves eight minutes per call on average, though it's only available in English in the USA at the moment. Which offers improved tools for editing your photos. "This means your rideshare service can find you more easily, and there's no more guessing which side of the street you need to be on when you're walking somewhere", Lingren says. If you're on the 200GB plan, however, you'll only get 3% cashback. Just swipe into App Overview, and then tap the Lens chip to see the translation.

Extreme Battery Saver "only runs the essentials so your battery lasts as long as possible".

One of the big focuses of the latest Pixel feature drop is ambient computing: The idea is that your devices automatically react and adjust to your needs instead of you having to do it manually.

The final parts of the new feature update include the ability to customise your Pixel even more with new icons, grid views and app shapes along with some new wallpapers based on famous artworks.

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Google as of late presented two unused smartphones, the Google Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 5G. The first 5G Pixel models (Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G) will now default to 4G for simple tasks (like using the browser or texting) and will turn on 5G for viewing movies or large files. A new Mandolorian AR experience also lands on selected Pixel and Android devices along with new Mandolorian wallpapers for Pixels 3 and newer.

Now Playing improvements. Your Pixel's Now Playing feature can already identify songs that are playing around you.

The Pixel's Now Playing feature will now also be able to export items from its history to YouTube Music allowing you to add them into a playlist easier.