'Fortnite' adds Halo's Master Chief and a playable Blood Gulch


Following the insane reveal that Master Chief is now a Fortnite skin, which continues to show that Epic are open to so many opportunities for crossover, you can now also take a step back in your childhood and play on the Blood Gulch map within Fortnite.

Master Chief was actually discovered as part of a datamine that also leaked Kratos from Sony's God of Warjoining the battle royale. Chief arrives together with a full set, together with a Pelican Glider, a miniature Pelican Provider, and a Gravity Hammer. More details will be shared closer to their release.

The Chief isn't the only new hunter dropping into Fortnite, however, with The Walking Dead's Daryl and Michonne also coming to the game next week.

Epic Games revealed the trailer during The Game Awards alongside details on the character's kit for Fortnite.

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The announcement trailer for Master Chief is brief, but effective. Xbox Series X|S owners can unlock an exclusive Matte Black Style after playing one match as a memento of Master Chief's history on the console. Aside from the Master Chief outfit, there is a Master Chief bundle available as well.

The inclusion of this Halo content is a massive win for Epic Games and they are showing no signs of letting up with Fortnite.

Additionally, the "Blood Gulch" map from Halo: Combat Evolved has been added to Fortnite Creative. Halo vehicles including the Pelican and Warthog will also be making an appearance.