The Mandalorian season 2 episode 3 review


The episodes featuring Bo-Katan are significant because they establish where we last saw her (and the Darksaber) before the events of The Mandalorian.

As she explains in the episode, Bo-Katan is a native-born Mandalorian, and the rightful ruler of the planet. All three unmask without question and have a much different tone that the Mandalorians that hide in shadows. Mando didn't take this well and required some convincing to work with them.

Now in the clear, Bo-Katan provides us with what is undoubtedly the most exciting moment of this entire television series. The stories will be less isolated, but each episode will have its own flavor, and hopefully we'll bring a lot more scope to the show.

One of the most enjoyable parts about "The Mandalorian" has been how it separated itself from the rest of the franchise so cleanly. This time around, you can see that there's a push more towards a serialised story, and to Jon Favreau's credit, if he's pumping the brakes in last week's episode, he's hit the accelerator on this episode. With the aesthetics of one of Star Wars' most powerful Jedi in pint-size form, just about everything he did was cute and amusing. But this is the first time that I can recall we have ever seen characters on a seafaring vessel. She's a young woman who was born on the planet Mandalore and was a part of the influential House Kryze. "I'm loving the action", she said. Now, he seems to have some sort of plan involving the Child and a whole bunch of weapons, leaving us wondering how this might lead to the rise of the First Order. At some point during the Great Purge, which saw the Empire murder nearly every Mandalorian around, the Darksaber fell into the hands of Moff Gideon. Speaking with Yahoo Entertainment earlier this year, the actress and filmmaker teased that she had been assigned another action-heavy episode after cutting her teeth on Season 1's Seven Samurai homage, "Sanctuary". We already know that the orphaned Din was adopted into a clan that prized ancient traditions above all else. Given that we'd seen Mandalorians in canon before, the discrepancies between them and Din Djarin's beliefs were great.

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Granted, Gideon is put forth as the primary candidate for command of the yet-unseen cruiser due to his prominence as the only uniformed Imperial officer seen thus far, but it's also possible that Topps' card hints at either a glimpse into Gideon's past or a separate Imperial contingent all together.

The Empire's purge of the Jedi eliminates her from electricity, so that she and her staff, the Nite Owls, eventually become anti-Imperial fighters. But in episode 3, he finally finds some.

The explosive addition of Katee Sackhoff's Bo-Katan to the live-action realm was worth the wait; she looks like she stepped right out of the animated shows, and Sackhoff's commanding on-screen presence makes these new Mandalorians (including WWE Superstar Sasha Banks - aka Mercedes Varnado - as Koska Reeves and Simon Kassianides as Axe Woves) an immediate force to be reckoned with. What I do like about her is that she doesn't take any nonsense or pause from the fight. Up until this series, Mandalorians had no problems taking their helmets off. Even so, the ship manages liftoff, and after saving the Child from attack by a hissing octopussy critter, Mando warns that a bumpy ride is ahead, but at least now they know where they are going. Either way, I'm very excited to see where this goes.