South Australia lockdown begins amid hopes to curb Covid-19 outbreak


South Australia has imposed a strict lockdown as per which nobody is allowed to step out of the house, not even for exercising or walking their pets.

Meanwhile, authorities have urged anyone who visited Woodville Pizza Bar between 6-16 November for takeaway or dine in to self-quarantine immediately and get tested for the virus.

South Australia's police commissioner, Grant Stevens, said during the press briefing that after the six-day lockdown there would be further restrictions announced. Last night, residents flocked to supermarkets to pile up on supplies.

"Really to some degree that may make the difference and may mean that we've caught it early and it hasn't got to the Victorian level where it was going on for weeks".

"The state government's announcement is causing chaos", said SDA state secretary Josh Peak.

Butchers are an essential service and will be open in South Australia's lockdown.

"Properly taking the mask off and having hair tied back are also important".

South Australia has witnessed a fresh cluster of COVID-19 cases emerge over the past four days after 27 cases were recorded.

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"My advice is, if you have vulnerable members of your family, so elderly people or people with chronic conditions, you give them a call", she said.

"Whether that will now happen on that date is unknown, but I would hope the Victorian Government would understand how hard it has been for our community when deciding how long to keep the border closed". That means you can not leave your home to exercise, and only one person per household is allowed to grab groceries each day.

"Time is now of the essence and we must act swiftly and decisively".

When asked if six days would be enough, Marshall said: "I'm advised that that will be the time required to knock out those transmission chains for this particular strain". "We need a circuit breaker to stay ahead of this", he added.

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"So if we take two cycles we have a chain of someone being infected to infecting someone else and the maximum for that is three days and, therefore, two incubation periods is six days... with the usual situation it's usually an incubation period of 14 days and the next cycle is 28 days". Dr Savage said images of empty supermarket shelves prompt people to believe there will be a shortage, and humans are "loss averse".

"As these are the most vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19, they are an important target for the vaccine, and are likely to have a poorer immune response to the vaccine", she said.