Sony promises more PlayStation 5 before the new year


This update, which is listed as version 20.02-02.26.00, only comes around 850mb, so this is not a major update, but will fix some dental issues that have been on the console recently. As with last week, the patch notes only mention improvements in system performance, and no additional details are available at this time.

A PS5 system update has landed, bringing system upgrades according to a brief bug. Last week's firmware update fixed some of the issues reported, but not all of them.

Sony didn't offer any hard numbers, so we don't know what its "biggest console launch ever" means yet - the PS2 and PS4 will likely remain its most successful consoles for the next few years - nor do have a sense of how much inventory retailers will receive.

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Those coming across from Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be pleased to find all their progression and in-game items, as they'll transition over within the same family thanks to Ubisoft Connect, and you'll be able to play with people across the generations. If PS5 is indeed the biggest console launch to date, it stands to reason Sony's latest hardware has shifted at least a couple million units and then some, thus far.

The PS5 is available globally now, although getting one is very hard. In fact, this is not the first PS5 The update was launched by Sony on November 12 when the console was released in the United States. There are iconic buildings and popular sites around the world.