Sculpture restoration work draws laughs, memories in Spain


A statue on the outside of a building on the city's historic main street has been left disfigured after a mysterious restorer tried to fix its broken head.

The mangled makeover of the artwork, which once depicted a lady smiling next to livestock, sparked anger from conservationists and art lovers, who compared the sculpture's new look to a "Potato head", "Donald Trump", and a "cartoon", according to The Art Newspaper.

Before and after photos of the restoration went viral after being shared on Facebook by artist Antonio Guzman Capel. Capel told The Associated Press yesterday.

"I was surprised. How could they have done this?"

He said the 20th-century building belongs to a bank but tenants made a decision to fix the façade some years ago.

The Guardian additionally points out that this latest restoration failure is just one of many that have popped up in Spain over the last decade or so.

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It was the first and the most famous century-old painting of Jesus on the wall of a church in Spanish city of Borja.

Social media users are mocking the restored statuary, dating back to the early 20th century, that was supposed to look like a woman with a bright smile on her face, but the result looks more like a surprised man.

Yet another bungled restoration of an art piece in Spain is being condemned by artists and social media critics alike - this time, of a statue in a small town.

Whether or not the Spanish government will crack down on these restoration failures remains to be seen.

A Palencia City Hall spokesman who declined to offer a name following internal procedure was unable to say when the work was carried out or by whom but said the restoration would most likely be investigated by regional authorities in a statement to the Associated Press. After the "restoration", however, the figure's shape and hair has caused some people to draw comparisons to the current President of the United States.

It's "Ecce Homo" all over again.