Rare blue moon expected on Halloween


There is a full moon every month, but because the lunar cycle and calendar year are not perfectly synchronized, about every three years, two occur in the same month.

It is the first time since 1974 that stargazers will be able to see a Halloween full moon across Ireland and the United Kingdom, according to Astronomy Ireland. Speaking with the Irish Times , astronomer David Moore from Astronomy Ireland said, "Uranus is 3.8 degrees above the moon that evening". What's more, this Halloween full moon will be the second full moon in October, and this won't happen again for two decades. This has been the time of the pandemic, there's a full moon on Halloween and the time changes the next day - and Tuesday is the US Election Day.

Tomorrow night, on Halloween, there will be a rare blue moon. This year, it was known as the Harvest moon, because it was the full moon closest to the autumn equinox. Blue moons have occurred amid other volcanic eruptions, such as El Chichon in Mexico in 1983.

He wrote, "Seven times in 19 years there have been - and still are - 13 full moons a year".

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The October 31 Blue Moon will mostly likely be bright and white like all Full Moons are. However, it was explained that the Blue Moon will not turn into that color. This will be the second time in this month when you will see this rare full moon. It is called the Hunter's moon as it is believed that the illuminating moon provides moonlight to the hunters to collect food during the time of winter. Enjoy your Halloween night by stepping out to take a look at this rare full moon event coinciding with the spooky night.

People in North and South America will have a glimpse of a blue moon, along with those in India, Europe and Asia.

"The moon is our cosmic partner, but it's also a big lightbulb in the sky", she says. In fact, when particles get dispersed due to natural reasons in the atmosphere, in some places the moon appears blue as a rare sight.

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