Presidential election 2020 results: Joe Biden wins ME over President Donald Trump


As of early Wednesday, key states in the presidential race including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada remained uncalled.

First things first: Article II of the Constitution specifically gives the states the right to administer their own presidential elections: "Each state shall appoint, in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct" its presidential electors. However, Philadelphia, PA temporarily suspended the count early on Wednesday. "It ain't over till every vote is counted".

Governor Ducey has reportedly told the White House that he believes the GOP's absentee ballot campaign will overwhelmingly win those yet-to-be-counted ballots.

But after Mr Trump took to television to falsely declare victory, Facebook said it had activated its feature to place notifications at the top of the timelines for all US users, explaining that the election had not yet been decided. "They want to send a message that they're not going to be ... ignored and forgotten and lied to and so they simply don't cooperate with pollsters". There is still 7% of the vote to count.

Trump faces a more hard path to victory. "The American system relies on candidates supporting the integrity of the system".

Clearly, we can not know who will win the election until all votes are counted, but The New York Times is doing a good job here at making an educated guess, with a succinct visualization that is easy for laypeople to parse. But Trump continued to make the claims in tweets and fund-raising e-mails into Wednesday morning, defying those who urged him to tone down his rhetoric.

Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, however, refused to take this basic, common-sense step of beginning ballot processing early. The major toss-up states that have still not been confirmed could radically change the political map. Top advisers for both Biden and Trump on Wednesday morning expressed confidence that they respectively had the likelier path to victory in the outstanding states.

"Actually the expected states have gone to the expected people", says Shanahan.

Trump falsely claims victory, after rival Biden voices confidence
Long wait for US election result as Trump, Biden locked in tight race - Xinhua |

At the same time, there is also the physical process of opening all those envelopes, sorting them based on precinct, and preparing the physical ballots for counting.

Trump kept several states, including Texas, Iowa and OH, where Biden had made a strong play in the final stages of the campaign. "The one that he lost or looks as though he's lost - Arizona - is damaging to him".

The comments came shortly after Trump delivered an extraordinary speech from the White House, in which he claimed that "we did win this election" despite neither candidate reaching the electoral vote threshold for victory. State officials expect the overwhelming majority of votes will be counted by Friday. With 79% of the expected vote counted, Trump is up 53.9% to 44.8% for Biden.

The president adopted Florida as his new home state, wooed its Latino community, particularly Cuban-Americans, and held rallies there incessantly.

It wasn't immediately clear what Trump meant, as states including Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina and Nevada were counting legally cast votes.

A win is a win, if Biden is able to pull it off.

Before the race was called, Kelly said he was "confident that when all the votes are counted, we're going to be successful in this mission".

Battleground regions could take until the end of the week to declare their results - and decide the election.

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