Obama debunks Trump on Jimmy Kimmel


Obama's joke is coming on the heels of Trump's refusal to concede the election after losing to the projected President-elect Joe Biden.

The 59-year-old came into the frame holding a copy of his book while wearing a dark suit with a crisp white shirt and no tie. Obama, who is now featured on the cover of InStyle magazine, replied to the comments in a joking manner.

"Looking back, it's embarrassing to recognize the degree to which my intellectual curiosity those first two years of college paralleled the interests of various women I was attempting to get to know: Marx and Marcuse so I had something to say to the long-legged socialist who lived in my dorm", the former president wrote.

Obama laughed before responding: "Well, I think we can always send the Navy SEALs in to dig him out".

"I wish the transition was going better because we lose time during these crises", the former president said, striking up a more serious tone. "It was like a big exhale right after we left office". It helped ground me.

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Obama later dismissed the bonkers conspiracy theory - backed by Trump - which claims that in 2011, a Navy Seal team killed a body double instead of Osama bin Laden. Taking to Twitter recently to explain, "My goal was to give you some insight into the events and people that shaped me during the early years of my presidency". We are planning this huge, risky, hard operation that involves all the power and technology and skill and courage of the USA military and intelligence.

Kimmel was sure to address Trump's allegations of the Bin Laden raid being fake.

Obama replied, "I mean, that would be preposterous except for the fact that the president of the United States is retweeting it".

Obama featured in a post from publishing imprint Penguin Teen to promote his memoir, A Promised Land.

After beloved former First Lady Michelle released Becoming, she went on an extensive book tour, filling massive arenas and sharing stories with enthralled audiences.