MS has a new state flag


Election Day may not have concluded with an outright answer on who would take the White House, but voters in at least one state were able to decisively declare the victor of another major campaign.

MS will fly a new state flag with magnolia and the words "In God We Trust", with voters approving the design Tuesday.

Lawmakers took action this summer to retire the former MS state flag, which contained the Confederate battle emblem.

It was the last state flag in the U.S. to feature the battle emblem of the pro-slavery Confederacy. But there were several requirements that had to be met for it to get this far. According to NBC News, 68 percent of the vote supported the flag, which will change for the first time since 1894.

White supremacists in the Mississippi Legislature adopted the flag with the Confederate battle emblem in 1894 during backlash to power Black people gained during Reconstruction. A committee of nine people - with members appointed by the governor, deputy governor and speaker of the House of Representatives - chose the magnolia flag to deliberate on the ballot.

The flags include a yellow, diamond-shaped star to reflect Mississippi's Native American history and culture.

Well, we know one thing after last night.

The blossom is surrounded by a ring of 20 stars, symbolizing Mississippi's status as the 20th state to join the US.

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"What I wanted to do was show every Mississippian that there's a compromise out there, and we are the magnolia state", Rocky Vaughan, the graphic designer who created the flag's overall design, said.

The Old Flag Retirement Law states that the new law can not include the Confederate battle slogan and must be "in God we trust". At the ceremony, Reeves said, "This is not a political moment to me, but a solemn occasion to lead our MS family to come together, to be reconciled and to move on".

For decades, the flag was divisive in a state with a significant black population, now about 38%.

Angela Reginal, 53, of Pearl, said she voted for the new design.

Joan Martin, 79, a retired Picayune registered nurse, said she voted for the new science because, "I had no choice".

"My take to those folks trying to put the old flag on the ballot is, shame on you", Anderson said. We were brought up to live with it.

For decades, SC flew a Confederate battle flag on or near the Statehouse in Columbia.

Now, the group is working with various communities across the state to help remove what they consider symbols of "white supremacy" from all public places. Prior to the racist hate crime, the shooter had posed for photos with Confederate flags and memorabilia.