Moment unveils a line of MagSafe camera accessories for the iPhone 12


However, the Cupertino giant doesn't want to limit itself as the only source of bringing MagSafe accessories for the latest iPhone family, and is enabling third-party accessory makers to build new cases, covers, and other add-ons for the new iPhone 12 models.

Following these guidelines allow companies to list their products with the "Made for iPhone" logo, an important indicator to show that your accessory is safe and compatible with Apple's devices.

Though the collection includes a range of different cases and other accessories that anyone would find a use for (like the vent clip or this wall mount), the line actually has several products that should appeal specifically to content creators who want to use the new iPhone for photo or video production.

Moment unveils the Magsafe camera range for iPhone 12
Moment Announces iPhone 12 Accessories That Better Use MagSafe

For more information on all of Moment's MagSafe cases and accessories, you can visit the online store here.

The company developed a magnet array called (M) Force that, in conjunction with mechanical features, provides extra connective strength, usable with and without a case. Cases with magnet arrays must not interfere with either wireless charging or magnetic stripe cards in an attached iPhone Leather Wallet, and Apple has special testing protocols for vendors to use. Interestingly, Apple notes that MagSafe cases should not rely on magnets to firmly attach to the device. The MagSafe case magnets should also be neodymium iron boron magnets (N45SH NdFeB) with a NiCuNi plating or a similar finish of between seven and 13 micrometres. It also says that users should be able to remove a MagSafe accessory by applying a force level between 800 and 1,100 gf (gram force). Apple has also noted two distinct ways in which the magnetic ring should be embedded on the case to work with MagSafe accessories.

Moment, which is a camera accessories maker for Apple iPhone, has launched a new series of MagSafe cases and mounts designed for the iPhone 12 models. Those interested in reading more on Apple's guidelines can check out the full PDF document.

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