Mike Tyson returns to ring; draws in exhibition with Jones


Ultimately when the bell sounded Tyson tried to fight aggressively, Jones looked to survive and tie his rival up a little, and any fears they would walk around and do little were quickly overcome.

Boxing legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr have slugged out a controversial draw that has stunned the boxing world.

Tyson, 54, hadn't participated in a professional boxing match since 2005.

The two former world champions rolled back the years in an exhibition bout but certainly didn't pull any punches.

Meanwhile, Roy Jones Jr.

Jones, who entered 66-9 with 47 knockouts, had not fought since a February 2018 cruiserweight victory.

Pugmire: For a man who's shed 100 pounds in the past year, a proud former champion who has sobbed in an interview about what he'd become without the sport, he turned in a strongly conditioned showing and flashed visions of his former famed power in striking Jones.

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"My return to the ring after a 15-year hiatus will be electrifying", said Tyson last week.

The latter rapper's commentary, and smoking of a suspicious-looking substance on camera, lit up Twitter after he said the main event was "like two of my uncles fighting at the barbecue".

Fifteen years after retiring, the former heavyweight champion squared off against fellow boxing legend Jones Jr. for a fight titled "Frontline Battle".

Following the fight, both fighters said they were okay with the draw and Tyson wanted to run it back.

"Hell, no, I ain't satisfied with a draw". These rules can potentially take some of the fun out of the fight for some folks who are hardened boxing fans. Roy actually got more exhausted than Mike tonight, which was shocking.

"I'm happy I'm not knocked out", Tyson said.

But afterwards, both men conceded they were content with the result. "It exceeded my expectations". Both fighters were guaranteed $1 million from the bout, according to Marc Raimondi of ESPN. Many on social media felt he had won well but the judges - not employed by the sanctioning body but by the WBC to offer added entertainment - thought otherwise.