Lil Wayne's Girlfriend Reportedly Dumped Him For Endorsing Trump


Rapper Lil Pump also supported Trump yesterday at a rally and got called out for it.

The two reportedly stopped following each other, followed by a meme that read "Sometimes love just isn't enough".

Well, well, well - if it isn't the consequences of Lil Wayne's own actions.

Lil Pump was the surprise guest at Donald Trump's final campaign rally in MI on Monday night, and endorsed him for re-election even after the U.S. president accidentally called him "Little Pimp" while introducing him to the crowd.

While we don't know the full reason why Weezy made a decision to use his platform to support Trump, his choice ultimately cost him big-time in his personal life. "She broke up with Wayne".

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It sounds as if she just couldn't take it anymore.

The 20-year-old "Gucci Gang" rapper vowed in a social media post to leave the country if President Trump doesn't win Tuesday's election. Apparently, the rapper who now has over 13 million followers has unfollowed everyone on the app. The couple seemed inseparable for a while and always emphasized the unbelievable connection between them.

Lil Pump publicly endorsed Trump last week after telling his fans he doesn't want to pay extra taxes under Biden. In a cryptic tweet on Wednesday, Weezy spoke out about love and how he's unwavering in his beliefs. These past 5 months have been filled with more love, passion and laughter than i ever thought possible. "I'm a lover not a lighter bekuz they burn out".

While the couple hasn't confirmed that they have, in fact, broken up, all signs point to that.

The rapper endorsements seem to be something of a strategy for Trump, who has rolled out appearances from Wayne and Lil Pump ahead of Election Day.