'LeBron James Sucks' Chant Breaks Out During Trump Campaign Rally In Pennsylvania


With one day remaining before what's being considered the most consequential election in modern American history, President Donald Trump talked about the decline in National Basketball Association ratings during a rally in Pennsylvania.

With concerns of voter suppression in key swing states with large African American populations in the U.S., basketball star LeBron James has been campaigning for greater participation and access to voting opportunities.

"I felt badly for LeBron", Trump told supporters, referring to the low television ratings of the NBA Finals. "I felt badly for LeBron", Trump said. Down 71% and that's for their championship - I didn't want watch one shot. "When they don't respect our country, when they don't respect our flag, nobody wants to watch".

While at a stop in Avoca, Pa., fans of the polarizing politician chanted "LeBron James sucks" during Trump's speech.

"What a crowd! What a crowd!" "And I damn sure won't go back and forth with that guy". The Lakers forward also said on a special episode of "The Shop" with former President Barack Obama the players were very close to leaving the restart after Jacob Blake was shot in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

"What a crowd! What a crowd!"

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Trump then showed the same criticism of the NFL series of American football before stopping to listen to the audience's "LeBron James is miserable" shouts. It's not as if LeBron and the Lakers beat the Sixers in the Finals.

James also is helping to lead the "More Than a Vote" organization, focused on fighting voter suppression and encouraging voter registration.

"Do you know why?"

Trump and James have teamed up before. In 2016, the Akron native endorsed Hillary Clinton a month before the election and even campaigned with her.

The two are no strangers to going back and fourth with each other on social media, but it seems LeBron is finally fed up with Trump's ongoing antics - and this latest stunt at the presidential rally in Avoca probably explains why.

Yep, it all makes sense now.