Health Canada expects first COVID-19 vaccine to be approved next month


Health Canada has also recently authorized monoclonal antibody therapy for emergency use in helping treat COVID-19 infections, and Canada will begin receiving doses over the next three months.

"We are working with urgency in collaboration with stakeholders, including Health Canada and public health decision makers, to bring our vaccine candidate to Canada in a timely manner", Christina Antoniou said.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Moe said it isn't assuring to hear that Canada may receive vaccines in early 2021 while other countries are expected to receive them at the end of December.

Logistics and operations within the centre will be led by former North Atlantic Treaty Organisation commander Major General Dany Fortin, Trudeau told reporters on Friday.

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil says:"We'll administer it and deal with all of that, but there should be, in my view a national protocol about who gets it".

He said governments could have invested in domestic manufacturing, expanding the NRC facility as an example, 25 years ago.

"The Canadian Armed Forces will assist on planning, including to meet challenges like cold storage requirements, data-sharing, and reaching Indigenous and rural communities", Trudeau said.

When asked why he didn't appoint a military liaison earlier, when the USA has had one in place for months, Trudeau said his government is doing "its very best" and work on the distribution plan has been ongoing for some time.

Toronto gym ordered to close after reopening in defiance of lockdown
The strategy will change from day to day depending on what we are faced with", the superintendent said on Wednesday. Dozens of anti-lockdown protesters then moved to Ontario Premier Doug Ford's home in Etobicoke Thursday afternoon.

That means by March, six million Canadians would be vaccinated in two phases.

To date, Canada has final agreements with five vaccine manufacturers - Pfizer, Moderna, GlaxoSmithKline, Medicago and AstraZeneca - and is finalizing agreements with Johnson & Johnson and Novavax. Each patient will need two doses of Pfizer's vaccine.

Premiers and other federal parties have been demanding a clear plan from the federal government on how they will vaccinate the nation against COVID-19, calling for firm dates and details.

"We won't have the vaccine tomorrow, we probably won't have it in just a few months", he said.

Njoo pointed out that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines both use novel mRNA technology, meaning it would be hard for Canada to ramp up domestic production quickly.

The province of Ontario - home to more than 14 million people - recorded 1,855 new COVID-19 cases on Friday, its highest single-day tally since the start of the pandemic, as well as 20 additional deaths linked to the virus.

Njoo said Friday the Prime Minister's prediction is "in the same ballpark" as previous rollout plans, and a good target to work towards.