Govt Issues Fresh Guidelines For Cab Aggregators


"Female passengers seeking to avail ride pooling shall also be provided the option to pool only with other female passengers", the guidelines said.

The Union Road Transport Ministry has issued new guidelines for motor vehicle aggregators.

"Similar fare fixation shall be done by the state government of other vehicles integrated by aggregators with the relevant state", the guidelines said.

For getting a licence, the aggregator will also have to ensure compliance on the part of drivers, which include valid proof of identity, driving licence, minimum driving experience of 2 years, and police verification.

Before this, there have been no checks by the government on how much fare the app-based riding services could charge. The State Government may directly charge two per cent over and above the fare. Cancellation of ride by the driver after accepting the ride request on the app and customer after booking the request will attract a penalty of 10 per cent of the total fare not exceeding Rs 100, the rules noted.

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The driver of a vehicle incorporated with the aggregator will get in any event 80% of the toll material on each ride and the excess charges for each ride will be gotten by the aggregator.

For driver welfare, besides the health insurance aggregators have to provide a term insurance for each driver for not less than ₹10 lakh with base year 2020-21 and increase by 5 per cent annually. They have to ensure that the Global Positioning System in every vehicle is functioning and the driver is taking the assigned route on the app and ensure the safety of women employees etc. A mandatory break of 10 hours for the driver shall be imposed subsequent to a login extending 12 hours. Aggregators will guarantee that the information created on the App is put away on a worker in India and that such put away information will be for at least 3 months and a limit of two years from the date on which such information is produced, the new rules command. This data shall be made available to the state government as per the due process of law. From around 68 million cab rides by customers in January this year, which came to a complete halt during the lockdown, improved to only around 30 million in October on platforms such as Ola and Uber, according to the RedSeer data.

A control room has to be established with 24x7 operations and ensuring that all vehicles on the direction of the aggregator maintain uninterrupted contact with the control room. Aggregators have been defined as a digital intermediary or marketplace for a passenger to connect with a driver for the objective of transportation.

Maharashtra transport commissioner Avinash Dhakne said, "The guidelines are well-drafted and we will look at the possibility of including as many new rules in our proposal to be submitted to the state government for clearance". In an offer to diminish gridlock and auto contamination, and compelling resource uses, the public authority has likewise permitted aggregators towards non-transport vehicle pooling, except if denied by the State Government. The guidelines enable states to allow attaching personal passenger vehicles to aggregators, with the condition that such vehicles can be allowed to carry passengers twice in a day within a city (intra-city) and only twice a week between cities.