Elon Musk Says 4 Rapid Coronavirus Tests Gave Him Split Results


With his latest comments - especially the "extremely bogus" bit - he's once again stirring up conspiracy theories, one of which claims that the numbers of COVID-19 patients are exaggerated. These statements by Musk once again raised the debate on the reliability of coronavirus tests.

Mr. Musk, on Twitter, said he was experiencing cold-like symptoms and, when taking four of the same tests administered on the same machine, had two results come back positive and two negative.

Musk was possibly referring to the rapid antigen tests of USA medical technology company Becton Dickinson, Reuters reported. Saying that the place where the test was performed, the person who took the test and the test method were the same, Musk explained that something bogus was going on.

Musk went on to say in another post, "If it's happening to me, it's happening to others".

COVID in Minks Spreading to Humans
Most of the 50 million minks produced annually are from China, Denmark , the Netherlands and Poland, the scientists write. The mutations have raised concerns about the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines now in development.

Elon said he's also waiting for results from 2 PCR tests (nasal swabs) but won't know for about 24 hours. He is now waiting for his results from the more accurate PCR tests.

The pandemic at one point threatened to derail Mr. Musk's plan to boost Tesla deliveries by about 36% this year with the closure of the plant. Fast tests help isolate a person that may have COVID-19 before they infect others. A White House strategy relying on the accuracy of rapid antigen tests has led to multiple outbreaks in the executive branch. Hospitalizations for COVID-19 also set a record of 67,096 on the same day, according to the Covid Tracking Project.

In the same podcast, he argued that if someone is at risk for contracting the virus they "should be quarantined until the storm passes" rather than having sweeping lockdowns across the nation. Musk's statements once again made us think about the reliability of the tests.