Does a James Harden trade to the Nets make sense?


They have had 8 seasons together, where Harden has been the league MVP once, a scoring champion thrice, and an 8x NBA All-Star. Harden was traded to Houston in 2013. That is assuming they would be able to make the trade.

Till now the whispers had said that the Nets will give some quality role players with star potential, and a bunch of draft picks. But a young core of Spencer Dinwiddie, Jarret Allen and Caris LeVert got them through to the playoffs.

While there has been no talks between the Nets and the Houston Rockets surrounding a deal, joining forces with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving is reportedly an idea that resonates with Harden. While some guys are openly grumbling about contracts, stars Russell Westbrook and now James Harden have reportedly asked for trades.

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The Nets and Rockets have discussed a trade but there have been no meaningful discussions between the two teams, sources told Wojnarowski.

James Harden could be on his way out of Houston and one particular team is at the top of his destination list.

As both of their superstars return from long injuries, the Nets instantly become the favorites to be the best in the East and strong contenders to the Lakers. I think that deserves lots of respect and lots of credit."Morgan, who has 107 worldwide goals, has not played for the United States since the World Cup final.Andonovski said Lloyd is coming off an injury and Rapinoe was not ready because she has not played". It is all due to their newly appointed president of basketball operations, Daryl Morey. Sixers don't seem very inclined to do so.