Demon's Souls Launch Trailer Released


The remake of Demon's Souls is one of the launch games for the PlayStation 5, which means it will be available simultaneously with the launch of the console - today, November 12, in the United States and other countries of the first wave, and on the 19th in the rest of the world. Parrying is one of those skills in the game that is easy to learn but hard to master so it's going to come down to timing and getting familiar with enemy attacking animations.

Demon's Souls showed up in the USA today as part of the PS5 launch lineup, and will arrive along with the console for the United Kingdom and Europe on November 19.

Parrying in Demon's Souls is pretty easy to do.

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You can check out a brand new trailer below. Performing the parry attempt doesn't do much if it isn't timed right.

The environments themselves are incredibly detailed, and the various enemies you fight felt good, but what impressed me was the lights.

Should you successfully go back to this point and press the X Button, you'll recover all of the spiritual currency that you were carrying at the time of your death. Demon's Souls' enemies respawn every time you die or leave an area, and as such, you'll have to find a way to get to your boodstain without being killed by all of the foes that are now in your way again.