Azerbaijani army enters territory ceded by Armenian forces


The first one, Aghdam, is to be turned over on Friday.

Armenian forces will roll out of the Kalbajar district on November 25 and from the Lachin district by December 1.

Ahead of the handover, residents set their homes on fire, leaving nothing behind for their bitter rivals.

The truce, brokered by Russian Federation on November 9, stipulated that Armenia hand over control of some areas its holds outside Nagorno-Karabakh's borders to Azerbaijan. The move is part of a Russian-brokered peace deal to end weeks of brutal fighting in the region.

Azerbaijan has insisted on a prominent role for its staunch ally Turkey, which was widely accused by Western countries, Russian Federation and Armenia of supplying Baku with mercenary fighters from Syria over the weeks of fighting.

Armenia agreed to hand over swathes of disputed territory controlled by Armenian separatists since a post-Soviet war in the 1990s. The Armenians' claim was never recognised internationally, not even by Armenia.

The intention is for the Armenians to see that the compromise was a defeat for Nagorno Karabakh and Yerevan, while the Azerbaijanis are presented with the thesis of the need to have continued warring until the final victory in the confrontation, which began on September 27th, the politician explained.

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The deal's key provisions call for the complete withdrawal of Armenian forces and the immediate deployment of Russian peacekeepers to the area.

After the peace accord was signed last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin said total fatalities that include dozens of civilians had surpassed 4,000 people.

He maintained that the peacekeepers had "helped end the bloodshed and prevent further casualties".

In his national address Friday, Aliyev promised Azerbaijanis that they would return to "ancestral lands".

Earlier on Friday, units of the Azeri army entered the Agdam region.

Armenia's health ministry said this week that more than 2,400 troops had been killed in the fighting.

Before Tonoyan's dismissal was announced, an initial report by Armenian newspaper Aravot had said he had tendered his resignation.