Australian boxer Andrew Moloney denied world title after controversial no contest ruling


Moloney was robbed of the chance to become a two-time world champion when his rematch with Franco for the WBA super flyweight world title was stopped after the second round.

After a twenty-six-minute review of the tape, the decision was upheld much to the dismay of Moloney who expressed his feelings on the decision on SEN's The Jimmy Smith Show.

Moloney started the fight faster and had the upper hand up until that point.

Mirren has over 907,000 followers on the social media platform, and her comments on the fight received 5,840 likes - attracting plenty of attention from fight fans.

"I don't know what more they needed to see on the replay".

One response read: "You watch boxing?!".

He considerably out-landed Franco who threw 78 shots.

Moloney performed well in the fight and caused severe swelling on Franco's face, which seemingly impaired his vision and forced a physician to call for an end to the contest.

The ref had asserted that Mora took an illegal head-butt from Moloney in the first round of the match.

As the waiting went on, the ESPN broadcast team was adamant on air that they could see no headbutt and that Moloney should have been declared the victor because the eye damage was caused by punches.

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In June, Andrew Moloney put his WBA super-flyweight title on the line against Joshua Franco at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

"I was in control of the fight and on my way to a clear victory".

When asked what he could do, Arum said simply: "Get the f- out of Vegas". Andrew Moloney should be the new champion'.

He claimed that the officials were simply looking to defend their referee, rather than give the correct verdict.

"I don't know what the [expletive] he thinks he saw, but there was no butt", Arum said.

"I have no choice, I've been in this business for 40 years, I've got no where to go, but if I did I would get the hell out of here".

"I just want a fair adjudication!" He initially thought he had won when the ref stopped the fight and would tell ESPN after the match, I can't believe they took this away from me.

"In our instant replay rules, they clearly state in the third paragraph that unless there is clear and conclusive evidence that a foul did take place, unless we are 100 percent sure, the referee's ruling stands", Bennett said.

Whether Arum follows through and stops bringing fights to Vegas is yet to be seen, but after what he and the rest of the boxing world witnessed Saturday night, it might be his only option.