AEW has confirmed Yuke's console game and more


The first mobile app is a general manager simulator called AEW Elite General Manager.

AEW held a special press conference for AEW Games on Tuesday night, and Kenny Omega gave a speech saying that when he signed his contract with AEW he told Tony Khan that he wanted to be part of the video game division. As long-time fans will be aware, Yuke's has a storied history with the genre, having been responsible for classics such as the Shin Nippon Touken Retsuden series, as well as multiple titles in the WWE Smackdown! franchise.

The three games are expected to be an AEW console game in production with Yuke's, All Elite GM, and AEW Casino: Double or Nothing.

Kenny Omega, dressed like Steve Jobs, revealed the AAA title is now being developed by Yuke's and will be released on current and next-generation consoles.

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AEW fans have been eagerly anticipating an AEW video game ever since the company's inception. We look forward to seeing more of the game in the future.

The first game mentioned on the leaked site is a console game "currently in development". I'm down. AEW Elite General Manager will launch in early 2021. The former is a casino game being developed by KamaGames, while the latter-a management sim-is being developed by Crystallized Games. Unfortunately that's kind of the nature of games that come out every year-you see the same basic problems in all major sports titles, with a major refresh coming along only after many years of familiar retreads.

Combining the fun factor of No Mercy with the modern 2K mechanics should make for an incredible wrestling game.