We tested Google's new Hum to Search feature with mixed results


The feature allows users to hum, or sing or even whistle a song and let machine learning find out the track. The feature can be found on Google Assistant as well as the main Google app on both Android and iOS.

The feature we've all needed a thousand times before is finally here, courtesy of Google.

Google Search can now find the name of a song simply by listening to you hum or whistle the tune.

Google will then deliver a sample of matches, beginning with the highest per cent match. The way Google matches your input to the songs won't surprise anyone, it uses AI and machine learning.

When you hum a melody into a search, a machine learning model transforms the audio into a number-based sequence that represents the melody of the song.

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Google explains in a blog post announcing the feature that it's able to do this because it basically ignores the fluff that is the quality of your voice, any accompanying instruments, tone and other details. Google says that more languages will also be added to it. As the number-based sequences are generated, the algorithm compares them to songs that are available across the globe.

The universal pain of lyrics and melodies teetering on the tip of your tongue has been solved by Google. Datasets which were previously available as part of Open Data Commons can now be accessed through Google search.

That feature uses neural networks to bring low-power music recognition to its mobile devices. To make it easier to find information about how and where to vote-regardless of your preferred voting method-we've launched election-related features with information from trusted and authoritative organizations in Google Search. "This new experience takes it a step further, because now we can recognize songs without the lyrics or original song".

On Thursday, the company unveiled the "hum to search" feature, which is now available on the Google app and the Google voice assistant.

How to use Hum To Search on Google? "All we need is a hum", according to Kumar.