United States election: President Donald Trump reportedly walks out of television interview


President Donald Trump said he may release a transcript of an interview he taped for the CBS News program "60 Minutes" on Tuesday, saying it would show bias by the reporter, Lesley Stahl.

Trump later continued his assault on Stahl by tweeting she was not sporting a masks on the White Home, although CBS Information stated Stahl wore a masks when she arrived and greeted the president, exclusively eradicating it as soon as they had been socially distanced.

Hours later, Trump tweeted a brief video clip of Stahl not wearing a mask, with the caption, that read "Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes not wearing a mask in the White House after her interview with me".

According to CBS, Trump's tweet on Tuesday evening featuring a video clip of Stahl was filmed after the interview wrapped.

The president brought up the interview during a rally in Pennsylvania on Tuesday night.

CBS News clarified stating that Stahl wore a mask when entering the White House and when she greeted the president.

Sources told multiple outlets - CNN, The New York Times and NBC News - that the president cut the interview short, walking out after about 45 minutes. When Trump first walked in, the source told the Washington Post, Stahl looked at him and said, "Are you ready for a tough interview?"

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"Much more to come", he tweeted.

The interview, which was filmed at the White House, was expected to air on Sunday as part of coverage of the U.S. election.

While it's still unclear what made Trump end the interview, what's obvious is that he's using a tactic he oftens employs. "Lesley had a mask on leading into the interviews as appropriate", maintains the insider.

President Donald Trump's chief of staff wants you to know he didn't "walk out" on Lesley Stahl, after all.

Interviews with Democratic nominee Joseph R. Biden and his running mate, Sen. Three aides, who were not authorized to speak publicly, said the president overreacted, and one suggested that he might actually boost the ratings of a tough interview. Stahl had also been tested for coronavirus prior to her arrival at the White House, and had worn a mask at all other times while on the grounds, according to those who saw her there.

Regardless of the case, Weber appeared content material on Twitter that Stahl was in a position to no less than break Trump's afternoon.