TV gives viewers a split-screen comparison of Trump, Biden


Guthrie asked Trump at Thursday night's town hall on NBC News. When the "Today" show co-host asked why, during his debate appearance last month, Trump would not denounce white supremacy, he interrupted her.

Both began at 8 pm Thursday evening.

The two simultaneous town halls have exposed stark differences between the media's treatment of each of the presidential contenders, according to Dr Harvey Schantz, professor of political science at the State University of NY at Plattsburgh. ABC's Biden town hall ran for an hour and a half, then Biden remained for an additional 30 minutes answering additional voter's questions off air.

NBC earlier in the week was criticized for deciding to hold the town hall at the same time as a similar ABC event scheduled with Biden.

While the Trump town hall likely wins the ratings war, he's already lost the town hall highlights and focus group wars.

Replied Trump: "I know nothing about QAnon".

Trump did not name the CDC as the source of the statistic at the town hall - he attributed the claim to an unnamed "they" - but the substance of his assertion was the same.

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'Instead of being chastened by being one of the few presidents, the only president to be impeached and have a member of his own party vote to expel him, it emboldened him, ' Biden said. "They pick on and dissect every little thing the president says while they gloss over or explain away the severe gaffes and gaps in Joe Biden's statements".

Guthrie pressed Trump on his tax returns and his debts.

The president also refused to disavow the crackpot conspiracy spinner QAnon.

"That was a retweet, that was an opinion of somebody".

Here's Savannah Guthrie telling Trump, "You're the president, you're not just someone's insane uncle who can retweet whatever".

Guthrie was wrong on that.

Trump and Biden battled on September 29 in Cleveland in a debate defined both by the president's constant hectoring of his opponent, which sent his support lower, and by its place on the calendar: just two days before Trump announced he had tested positive for coronavirus. His niece Mary Trump confirmed that in her book and numerous interviews. A final debate is still scheduled for October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee.