Trump willing to debate Joe Biden if events are postponed


The Commission of Presidential Debates, citing Trump's recent coronavirus infection, announced next week's debate would be virtual, to prevent Trump from spreading the virus to others.

The next debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will be virtual instead of held in person in Miami, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced Thursday. Carter participated in the second debate with Reagan, to which Anderson was not invited following poor polling numbers after the first debate.

Biden's reaction comes hours after Trump said he refused to "waste his time" on a virtual debate. Biden already said he was happy to go along with the debates as long as they were cleared by healthcare professionals. "We're going to have a Communist", he was quoted as saying by PTI.

"We don't know what the president is going to do, he changes his mind every second, so for me to comment on that now would be irresponsible".

Despite COVID-19 making its way through the White House staff, Trump and his team have continued to play down the severity of the deadly virus.

However, shortly after the change was announced, Trump said he would refuse to participate in an interview with FOX Business.

Later on Thursday, the Biden campaign suggested delaying the second debate until October 22 so that both candidates could attend.

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Trump said the online style is "not acceptable" to his campaign, calling the format "ridiculous".

On Friday, Trump was transferred to Walter Reed Medical Center where he remained for three nights. "I want everybody to given the same treatment as your President, because I feel great". According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, those with mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19 can be contagious for as many as - and should isolate for at least - 10 days.

ABC News announced Thursday afternoon it will host a town hall with the former vice president October 15 moderated by George Stephanopoulos. "I expect you're going to see a renegotiation of that", he said.

"Trump chose today to pull out of the October 15th debate".

Biden and Harris will travel together to the battleground state of Arizona on Thursday, while Pence will also visit the state after starting his day in Nevada.

The commission said its decision was made to "protect the health and safety of all involved with the second presidential debate".

Polling after the first presidential debate, however, found most Americans thought Biden came out on top, McClatchy News previously reported. The Democratic Party candidate is U.S. Senator Kamala Harris of California.