Trump looks to rescue election with rallies


Republican President Donald Trump has prepared to return to the campaign trail with a pair of weekend rallies after his Covid-19 diagnosis sidelined him for a week in the race for the White House against Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Trump, 74, was tested for COVID-19, the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, last week on October 1 after senior aide Hope Hicks was confirmed to have contracted the virus. "It's ridiculous, and then they cut you off whenever they want", Trump told a Fox News interviewer after the Commission for Presidential Debates announced that it will move next Thursday's event to a virtual format. The president, who returned to the White House on Monday, despite CDC guidelines to isolate, said in a video message from the White House, that him catching the coronavirus was a blessing in disguise.

Florida's agriculture commissioner, Nikki Fried, a Democrat, criticised Donald Trump Jr.'s indoor rally on Twitter, saying: "As a leader in this state, I don't care about what party you're in or what candidate you vote for, just wear a damn mask!"

The Trump and Biden campaigns sparred on Thursday over a televised debate that had been planned for next week.

Adding to pressure on Trump, congressional Democrats, who control the House of Representatives, were to unveil a bill Friday on creation of a commission to investigate Trump's fitness for the job - or whether he should be removed under the constitution's 25th Amendment.

The White House has declined to say when Mr Trump last tested negative test for the virus.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment. The White House has become a COVID hotspot as 20 staffers have tested positive for the deadly virus. "I think ideal", Trump told the Fox Business Channel.

Trump said, "I feel so good" amid health warning from experts to tread cautiously.

As US Presidential elections draw closer, there have been an increase in the campaigns being taken by the candidates of the election.

President Donald Trump holds his mask after removing it from his face as he stands on the Blue Room Balcony upon returning to the White House in Washington from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Cent
Donald Trump to hold a promotional event in Florida on this day

He worked from the Oval Office on Wednesday and Thursday despite concerns that he may still be contagious.

What about the White House after the president was injured?

On Thursday, Trump continued to credit an experimental drug treatment for the seemingly quick pace of his recovery.

And Doctor Conley earlier said that if President Trump's condition continues as it is or improves over the weekend and until Monday, "we will all breathe a sigh of relief".

Seemingly sensitive to the fact that his treatment course has been far more comprehensive than the care received by average Americans, he promised to swiftly get the drug approved for broader use - and distribute it for free - even though he does not have the power to order that himself. And there is no way for the president or his doctors to know that the drug had any effect.

After infection, Trump experienced a high fever and two drops in his oxygen level.

McEnany is one of a string of Trump aides, including his campaign manager, who have tested positive in an outbreak of the virus in the last week within the White House and Trump campaign.

"I can't say, "Back up".

Trump willing to debate Joe Biden if events are postponed
The commission said its decision was made to "protect the health and safety of all involved with the second presidential debate". However, shortly after the change was announced, Trump said he would refuse to participate in an interview with FOX Business .