The northern lights may be visible in Wisconsin Monday night


He said that the Northern Lights were visible in some parts of the country on Sunday night and that anyone watching the news might have gotten a false impression since high-quality cameras captured the display.

This week, the Space Weather Prediction Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced G1 and G2 geomagnetic storm watches for September 27 through September 29. The KP index for Monday is at a 6, Tuesday's index is a 5.

The Space Weather Prediction Center's storm watches doesn't guarantee the northern lights will be seen in the Empire State, but it means the chances of seeing them in NY is greatly increased. Aurora Borealis over Buffalo will look very different than those seen in photos from the Arctic Circle as the influence of the earth's magnetic field weakens the closer to the equator, impacting how the Aurora would look elsewhere. The level of geomagnetic activity and your location are most important - people in cities located at higher latitudes are more likely to see the phenomenon (you can find your city's magnetic latitude on the NOAA website).

The University of Alaska puts together an aurora forecast.

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Can't catch the northern lights in person?

For Western Washington, the Puget Sound region sits directly on top of one of those lines, meaning the chances are good for being able to see the northern lights, provided you're situated away from city lights with a clear view to the north.

New York Meteorologist Elyse Smith says the northern lights will look like a "faint green glow in the northern sky". I'll keep trying though!