Sen. Brown slams Republicans for 'illegitimate' Supreme Court confirmation hearing


The deep-seated divisions between Republicans and Democrats were front and centre during the first day of Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

Mrs Barrett sat alone at a table facing the senators. This is a vacancy that's occurred through a tragic loss of a great woman. He argued that when women come out publicly as conservative, they "go through hell", getting branded as traitors to their sex just like black conservatives "go through hell", getting branded as traitors to their race.

"Democrats will continue to object to this nominee based on their perceived conclusions about the judge's positions on the health care law and abortion and gay rights policies". Today, they'll have a chance to ask her questions.

CLAUDIA GRISALES, BYLINE: Hi, Noel. "The point that I'm trying to make, there's nobody in America in the legislative arena wanting to take us back to that dark period in American history, and for my opponent to suggest that says far more about him than me".

GRISALES: Senators made their case to the American people on whether the Barrett nomination should or shouldn't move forward.

"You would not be getting Justice Scalia, you would be getting Justice Barrett".

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) highlighted the hypocrisy of Barrett's equivocation, saying that anyone with a so-called "originalist" interpretation of the U.S. Constitution should have been able to answer with a definitive "No".

One of the two Republicans on the panel who tested positive for COVID-19, Sen. These are the issues that matter most to the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, but they are also the issues that drove many blue-collar Democrats to vote against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Yet Sen. Kamala Harris of California, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's running mate, warned that Barrett's nomination puts in jeopardy everything Ginsburg fought to protect. In 2016, Graham repeatedly said confirmation hearings should wait until after the election, but, since the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in September, the SC senator has flipped his position.

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Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, quizzed the nominee on her stance on Roe v. Wade, asking Judge Barrett if she agreed with her mentor, Scalia.

Democrats sought to frame Barrett's nomination as a political attack on Obamacare.

Barrett told the senator she could not pre-commit to an approach. What did we learn there? And that's so because originalists don't always agree, and neither do textualists. Let's take a listen.

"Don't act as if we're making this stuff up", Whitehouse said.

"I think that your concern is that because I critiqued the statutory reasoning that I'm hostile to the ACA, and that because I'm hostile to the ACA, I would decide a case a particular way", Barrett said in the hearing on Tuesday.

"You would be the polar opposite of Justice Ginsburg", said Sen. So with 22 members, this could be a much longer day.

They'll press her again to recuse herself in some of these instances, such as the ACA or if there is an election dispute for the presidency.

Barrett said that even as the court has ruled that Americans have a personal right to own a gun, the ruling "leaves room for gun regulation".

"If I expressed a view on a precedent one way or signals to litigants that I might tilt one way or another in a pending case", she said.