Razer gaming chair unveiled at RazerCon 2020


For its very first gaming chair, it looks like Razer chose to largely copy one of today's oft-cited favorites: the new $499 Razer Iskur is a dead ringer for the similarly-priced Secretlab Omega and Titan.

The arm rests have even been designed with gamer rage in mind, as you can reportedly smack them in frustration without worrying that you'll break it - but we wouldn't recommend it considering the Razer Iskur costs $499.99 United States dollars / €499.99.

The gaming chair is said to be wrapped in multi layered synthetic leather that sits in between the top Resin layer that shines and cotton, polyester layer beneath it. Razer claims the material be more durable than standard PU leather while enabling it to withstand long of wear and tear. Razer has even emblazoned the company motto "For Gamers".

Aside from being a standalone mix of the Secretlab Omega's smaller bucket seat and the Titan's larger, more fitting frame for players up to 300 pounds and 6.2 feet tall, the largest are Differences here are a curvier back and this rather large adjustable lumbar support.

Instead of working off of existing gaming chair designs, which tend to look and feel the same for the most part, the Razer Iskur was "designed to address the need for superior ergonomics in today's gaming chairs". Razer has done away with this idea entirely, opting for a unique external lumbar support system with 26 degrees of customisation to improve your posture.

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The 4D armrest system on the Razer Iskur Gaming Chair.

The Razer Iskur, as it's called, might seem like other gaming chairs at first.

But let's get back to examining the Razer Iskur itself.

What do you think about the new Razer gaming chair?

The Razer Iskur is available exclusively at Razer.com for US$499.99/€499.99. Are you planning on picking one up?