Nobel Peace Prize Goes to World Food Program for Fight Against Hunger


"In 2019, the WFP provided assistance to close to 100 million people in 88 countries who are victims of acute food insecurity and hunger", the statement added. "This is unbelievable. Talk about the most exciting point in time in your life", he told staff, from Niamey, Niger.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the World Health Organization.

Nobel Prizes are awarded in several categories to people "who have conferred the greatest benefit to humankind" in the previous 12 months.

Because the WFP is fully reliant on voluntary donations, she says the contributions are essential to feeding the rising number of hungry people in the world. "The World Food Programme contributes daily to advancing the fraternity of nations mentioned in Alfred Nobel's will", she said.

"One of the beauties of WFP activities is that not only do we provide food for today and tomorrow, but we also are equipping people with the knowledge, the means to sustain themselves for the next day and the days after".

WFP has consistently blamed climate change for fueling hunger and wreaking havoc on crops.

"This is the first time I've been speechless".

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Still, WFP's large-scale operations are considered indispensable in the Arab world's poorest country, where 20 million people are suffering from a hunger crisis and another 3 million face starvation due to the knock-on effects of the pandemic. The WFP has combined humanitarian work with peace efforts in South America, Africa and Asia.

Friday's Peace Prize is the 101st to be awarded since 1901.

While many have accused Donald Trump of sowing division and causing hate, he has been recognised for bringing a bit of peace to the Middle East.

"The conditions in this country are such that it's impossible for any humanitarian organization to really do its job well", said Saleh al-Dobhi, a health ministry official in Yemen's internationally recognized government.

Smith added, however: "Donald Trump is the embodiment of the spirit of anti-cooperation and by contrast the World Food Programme is the embodiment of the spirit of cooperation".

"If you ask anybody within the United Nations system, they will claim that it is harder these days to get the necessary financial support for the different activities of the different agencies", she said. A year ago it took in $8 billion in funds, $3.4 billion of which came from the US, almost four times as much as the amount given by the second-largest donor country, Germany. "Proposed massive cuts to food assistance would do long-term harm to our national security interests".

Other winners of the peace prize include United States presidents Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter, Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev, Desmond Tutu, Lech Walesa and Mother Teresa. The literature prize was awarded to American poet Louise Gluck on Thursday for her "candid and uncompromising" work. Tuesday's prize for physics honoured breakthroughs in understanding the mysteries of cosmic black holes, and the chemistry prize on Wednesday went to scientists behind a powerful gene-editing tool.