Lana Del Rey Slammed For Meeting Fans With Mesh Mask


Del Rey clearly thinks this mesh covering counts as a proper face mask.

Musician Lana Del Rey was dragged over the weekend for wearing a mesh mask that was more of a fashion statement than a public health decision at a book signing in Los Angeles.

Late last month, Lana Del Rey released a poetry book called "Violet Bent Backwards Over the Glass". "I love Lana but this is incredibly irresponsible", read one of many comments.

The "Born to Die" singer also adorned the mesh mask on the cover of Interview magazine. Fabric masks help block the transmission of the virus because the tight weave of the material prevents respiratory droplets from spreading when someone talks, coughs or sneezes. Comments on the artist's Instagram account express displeasure with the face mask, which appears see-through and thereby probably ineffective in protecting against the coronavirus.

Del Rey was photographed in direct contact with at least one fan.

According to The Independent, the singer's sister, Caroline "Chuck" Grant, responded to fans by letting them know that Del Rey had "tested negative" and was standing "more than six feet away" from fans at the signing.

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Del Rey streamed an IGTV video on Instagram saying the e book signing.

"NOT THE MESH MASK", one person exclaimed, apparently stunned by its return; others begged her never to wear it again.

"Finally wearing a proper mask", a follower wrote in the comments.

"You literally weren't wearing a safe mask and there was no social distancing whatsoever".

LA county has asked that everyone wear a cloth face covering when interacting with people outside of their households, in both private and public spaces.

The thought itself was fine - who doesn't want to have an unplanned run-in with a pop star?! - but the execution was flawed from the very beginning when social media videos posted by the songstress showed her wearing a porous, mesh face mask.