Giuliani Appears to Touch Himself in Borat Scene


In July, it was revealed that Rudy Giuliani called police on Sacha Baron Cohen following an interview for an unnamed project.

Cohen's co-star in the movie, Maria Bakalova, is posing as a journalist and sets up an interview with Giuliani.

That, apparently, included a somewhat successful attempt at seducing Giuliani. Vanity Fair and The Guardian describe the scene with Giuliani in more detail, in which he agrees to an interview with a young woman in her hotel room. She meets the former mayor of NY and current adviser to the president in a hotel room, where he holds her hands, compliments her appearance, and follows her to the bedroom. He lies down in bed and, in The Daily Beast's description, "starts sticking his hands down his trousers in a seemingly suggestive manner".

Giuliani and Tutar are interrupted by Borat, who says, "She's 15".

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After Giuliani's exit, Borat and Tutar are then seen running through the streets of NY. "Please, take me instead!" "I assure you that's all I was doing", he said. "He then ran away", he told the New York Post. In her accounting, "Mayor Giuliani notified security to call the police" which led to Cohen "fleeing" like a "hyena". Giuliani would call the cops on Cohen after the comedian made his grand entrance. But he didn't mention anything about having been seduced. As seen above, stills from the scene have begun circulating online.

Posobiec, who the Southern Poverty Law Center called a neo-Nazi collaborator for his well-documented ties to the far-right, was a driving force behind the "pizzagate" conspiracy theory, which alleged that Democrats ran a child sex trafficking ring out of a pizza parlor in the nation's capital. "She's too old for you". Somehow, though, Sacha Baron Cohen hasn't lost the power to deliver audacious surprises, with enough explosive, not-suitable-for-anywhere laughs to power through the flatter patches this sort of exercise inevitably yields.

Despite the lack of actual gaming, Lupo showed a trailer for Baron Cohen's upcoming film that releases on Friday, Oct. 23.