George Clooney’s ‘The Midnight Sky’ Shows Off a Trailer and Poster


In the trailer of the Netflix film, we see a heavily bearded Clooney interacting with presumably his daughter about an oncoming global disaster.

Netflix launched the primary trailer for The Midnight Sky on twenty seventh October. The comparability is smart as not exclusively is "Gravity" star Clooney directing and starring within the movie, however "The Revenant' screenwriter Mark L. Smith tailored the novel for the display screen". Which makes the arrival of the trailer for George Clooney's space epic, The Midnight Sky, particularly timely. He needs to get a message to astronauts in orbit, who include Felicity Jones, David Oyelowo, and Kyle Chandler.

When is The Midnight Sky launched on Netflix? It's an adaptation of Lily Brooks-Dalton's terrific scifi novel Good Morning, Midnight, about a lonely scientist on a mission to warn a spaceship full of returning astronauts that the earth they've left behind is no longer inhabitable. Apparently, there's been a worldwide catastrophe, and they will be safer out in space.

THE MIDNIGHT SKY: Check Out The First Trailer For Netflix's Sci-Fi Drama Starring George Clooney
The Midnight Sky trailer: George Clooney’s tryst with space and time

"The Midnight Sky" releases on Netflix on December 23.

In the event you're desirous to learn the e book earlier than the movie arrives in December, Good Morning, Midnight is that can be purchased on Amazon for £8.50 (Hardcover). In addition to starring, Clooney directs from a screenplay by Mark L. Smith. Or Christmassy, unless read Clooney's facial hair and the Arctic blizzard setting can be read as a post-apocalyptic take on Santa's Workshop.

On the science-fiction front, it's seemed over the last decade or so that we've been gifted one large-scale "serious" genre film at per year: "think 'Gravity" in 2013, 'Interstellar' in 2014, 'The Martian' in 2015, 'Arrival' in 2016, 'Hidden Figures' in 2017, 'First Man' in 2018, 'Ad Astra' in 2019.

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