Fog delays Mick Schumacher's F1 practice debut


Both practice sessions at the Eifel Grand Prix were cancelled on Friday when thick fog prevented the use of a medical helicopter at the Nurburgring circuit.

Both have come up through the Ferrari Driver Academy and may soon be pushing for drives in F1 - with Schumacher first and Ilott sitting second in the F2 standings.

"If it's true that Mick will race in Formula 1 next year, it will be golden times for us again", fan club chairman Reiner Ferling told RTL.

'We have to wait and see how things develop. "There's a lot of tracks coming up which are not often driven on so also the official drivers need their time in the vehicle, so we'll just have to wait and see".

"Any opportunity would be great to hop into the auto", Schumacher said. F1 Goal and dream.

"This time of year in the Eifel it's not the most sure it's going to be dry".

'My mother is here with me and she would have loved to have seen me, so another time'.

"So Abu Dhabi will be the next opportunity".

British racer Period Ill also turned down the chance to get his first taste of F1 with Haas on Friday.

Bad weather prevents Mick Schumacher's Formula One debut
Ferrari facing "very difficult" dilemma over Schumacher and Ilott

While Schumacher wasn't unable to get his first taste of 2020 F1 machinery, the German believes this weekend will be a valuable experience in his development as a driver as he looks to secure a full-time seat in 2021.

He said: The pressure is always there, whatever your name.

"For me, the focus is on F2, trying to finish that on a high and focus on the championship".

"We are doing very well and it proves that we are in the right place at the right time".

Vettel explained to reporters, after his lengthy chat with Mick Schumacher, that he wanted to show support for him in the prolonged absence of his father Michael, who suffered severe head injuries after a skiing accident in 2013.

His health is now shrouded in mystery, but recent reports suggest he was transferred to a $ 27 million mansion in Majorca.

Mick Schumacher was briefly pulled aside yesterday by Sebastian Vettel, who wanted to show off the helmet he had designed in honour of the young man's father.

Formula One can not be flown if helicopters do not receive a permit to fly.

Schumacher's signature is also found on the sides of a Chinese dragon drawn above.

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