COVID-19: 57 new cases reported, continuing record rise


The province previously reported 66 new cases of COVID-19 Monday and 44 on Tuesday. This was the third highest daily bump in cases since the beginning of the pandemic. "Now we've had several large transmission events in several parts of the province, and sporadic cases also in several parts of the province". Fifteen people are receiving inpatient care; seven in the Saskatoon zone, two in the Regina zone, five in the North Central zone, one in the Central East zone.

Saskatoon continues to battle an outbreak of COVID-19 that started in bars and nightclubs across the city. Of the 18 people now needing hospitalization, Shahab says every age demographic now has at least one person in hospital including two in the 20-39 range and four in the 40-59 range and six in the 60-79 range.

Total recoveries rose about 2,000, with an additional 15 recovered cases reported.

A total of 17 people are now in hospital in Saskatchewan. To date, 25 residents of the province have died due to COVID-19 complications.

COVID-19 map
COVID-19 map

One person is in the ICU in Regina and one is in Saskatoon.

The total number of cases comprises 1,215 community contacts, 674 cases without any known exposures, 332 travellers and 275 cases that are under investigation by public health officials.

Overall in Saskatchewan to date 82 cases are healthcare workers; however, the source of the infections may not be related to healthcare in all instances.

The 2,483 tests done in Saskatchewan on Tuesday raised the provincial average to 238,013.

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