Coronavirus: 429 new COVID-19 cases, 28 in Galway


Georgia health officials confirmed more than 7,000 COVID-19 deaths since early March after 29 new deaths were reported Wednesday.

There have now been 14 health unit-declared outbreaks at schools, day-care centres, long-term care homes, retirement homes and the hospital with all but two kept to just one or two cases.

There are 499 cases who have a positive viral antigen test and are considered probable cases and 646 patients who have a positive serology test and either COVID-19 symptoms or a high-risk exposure.

According to the state, Whitley County's current COVID-19 incidence rate is 35.5, placing the county well into the red zone.

Poe urged residents to contact their primary care provider for a Covid test. A month ago, the county reported 132 news for the week of August 23.

The Auglaize County Health Department reported tywo more deaths related to COVID-19, a man between the ages of 80-100 and a woman between the ages of 80-100.

Neighboring Lackawanna County has 2,594 cases and 217 deaths; Monroe County has 1,804 cases and 133 deaths.

Still, community exposure events continue to happen around the province, the pair said, adding that 3,202 people are under public health monitoring as a result of their exposure to known cases.

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India's Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu tested positive on and was advised home quarantine.

While experts say the positivity rate doesn't show everything, a lower rate could indicate that B.C.'s surge of cases has subsided, at least temporarily. The city now has 371 active cases - 52 less than Tuesday - and has had 3,008 total cases as of Wednesday. The average age of those testing positive is 48.

5-14: Cases remained at 756 with no deaths.

Of the cases requiring hospitalization to date, more than two-thirds (66%) have been under 65 years of age, and over half reported having a chronic health condition.

The West Suburban region (DuPage and Kane counties) has seen two days of positivity increases and two days of hospital admission increases.

1,950 people have been diagnosed with the disease in the North in the past week. There are 74 active cases with five new cases reported Tuesday. LMH Health's Wednesday update did not include any additional inpatient deaths due to COVID-19.

In total, 280 cases have been reported among residents younger than 20, 508 in their 20s, 221 in their 30s, 210 in their 40s, 176 in their 50s, 109 in their 60s, 75 in their 70s and 87 in their 80s or older.