B.C. voter turnout down significantly, despite 1.8 million ballots cast


You will still need to mail it in, or drop it off at the County Government Center.

October 27th is the last day to request a ballot by mail and November 2nd is the last day to request an absentee ballot in person at the Board of Elections office. "What if a polling place becomes unavailable or an election office shuts down?" he tweeted. "But of course, in this unprecedented time, it is certainly possible that the vote for various races may be known or may not be known on election night".

Those mail-in/absentee voters can return their ballots via mail or drop them off at the Gallia County Board of Elections Office during office hours.

Another 670,324 cast their ballot at an advanced voting location, and approximately 525,000 returned a mail-in ballot by Friday morning. If you have not received your ballot in the mail, you have several options as follows to either vote or to get your ballot.

The polls for the general election will be open from 6:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Unlike the Pennsylvania order last week, the Wisconsin order Monday concerned a ruling from a lower federal court, not a state court, and Chief Justice John Roberts said that made a difference. Counting your votes is the process.

COVID-19 in Montana (Saturday October 24)
Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming said that citizens need to remain vigilant because the virus isn't going away anytime soon. Five new cases have been confirmed in Kilkenny with the 14-day incidence rate per 100,000 dropping slightly to 174.

The coronavirus pandemic has been a big reason for the increase, with many people opting for mail-in ballots instead of going to the polls. Counties aren't allowed to tabulate the count until Election Day, so nobody knows the partial results while the voting continues. "At that point we count the ballots and we're anticipating two-to-three days to complete that task", Mohr said. Complicating things are the absentee ballots. An estimated 4,100 absentee ballots have been sent to voters as well.

Absentee ballots, including mail-in votes, won't be counted for at least 13 days following election day.

"If the primary is any indication we expect to receive 75% of the ballots back that we mailed out, so that's a very large number", said Erie County Board of Elections Republican Commissioner Ralph Mohr.

Ballot "curing" controversy brewing: Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Arizona, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nevada, Iowa. Some precincts were split and others were changed with a goal of having fewer than 5,000 registered voters per polling place, county elections director Rick Barron told reporters during a video press conference Tuesday.

"Our first and foremost priority is maintaining the integrity of our elections process and ensuring transparency and trust with our voters, and any effort to undermine or tamper with that process must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law", they said in the emailed statement.