Apple Silicone Macs Most Likely to Be Introduced on November 17


Whichever models arrive first, rumors suggest the A14X chip will be in the first Apple Silicon Mac. However, we don't know how any of that translates to the Mac, so we expect to learn a lot more about the new chip, as well as any design improvements Apple has brought to its first Apple Silicon Macs.

Despite staging a keynote event for the iPad and Apple Watch in September and another one for the iPhone this week, the tech giant is reportedly gearing up for a third event next month to announce speedy new computers. The new processors are said to have 12 cores, with eight high-performance cores and at least four energy-efficient cores.

Apple recently affirmed that it would keep on depending on Intel processors as it changes its own chips.

In case you thought two big Apple events this fall wasn't enough, it seems the company still has one more big announcement planned - this time for the Mac - slated for sometime in mid-November.

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To conclude, Prosser claims that Apple would announce the event a week before it happens, around November 10th. Theoretically, the new chips can offer longer battery life too.

These were the details of the news The Apple Silicon MacBook event date has just leaked - mark. for this day. With Apple confirming the ability to run iOS and iPadOS-based apps on the company's new Silicon-based Macs, it's certainly an exciting time for Mac users. Our cash is on the entry-level MacBook Air models as adequately as the MacBook Pro models. Last year's A13 Bionic is still comparable in performance to the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 in terms of raw performance.

According to Prosser, The AirPods Studio Headphone is not going to be launched until March 2021. Previously, the Studio was supposed to drop with the iPhone 12 but Apple chose not to release it now.