Apple Could Bar Epic Games' Fortnite From App Store, US Judge Rules


A Microsoft sign in New York, Oct. 2, 2019. "We will continue to develop for iOS and Mac under the court's protection, and we will pursue all avenues to end Apple's anti-competitive behavior", an Epic Games spokesperson said in a statement. Incidentally, the amount of money Apple earned from gaming category of apps is more than what Google earned on Play Store from all apps.

"Microsoft will not use any non-public information or data from its app store about a developer's app to compete with it", it said.

The announcement was not a major change in policy for Microsoft, whose app store is more open than Apple's.

The CAF had highlighted various issues with the "gatekeepers" of the app stores, Apple in particular.

The tech giant has published these principles "to promote choice, ensure fairness and promote innovation", building upon the work of the non-profit organisation, Coalition for App Fairness (CAF). This would be a long and awkward process that would also require each game to be ranked in App Store charts, enable Apple's in-app payment system, and require developers to have an Apple developer account.

In this motion for preliminary injunction, Epic Games had asked the court to force Apple (AAPL) to reinstate Fortnite to its App Store, while the game developer continues its antitrust dispute against the iPhone maker.

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"Apple is a monopolist".

Apple has defended its App Store and questioned the findings of the House report, saying that the cut it takes from developers is standard in the industry, and developers have flourished under the trust customers have in safely downloading apps on iPhones and iPads. As there are dozens of games on the Game Pass at any given time and they rotate in and out of the service monthly, this was essentially a case of Apple setting up a logistically-infeasible series of hoops for Microsoft to jump through.

Her ruling Friday was a second rejection for Epic Games, and could be extremely costly.

Microsoft's own application store is not the only way, nor even the primary way, customers get new programs on a computer. In terms of monthly active users, Facebook dominated the charts, claiming the number 1 spot, followed by other Facebook-owned apps like WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram.

While Microsoft has reportedly not given up hope that xCloud will be directly available on iOS at some point in its present form, and is continuing internal development on an app for the goal, its plan for now is to use a web version of xCloud to circumvent the App Store entirely. At the time Apple said it doesn't give its own products an advantage over others and that it uses an algorithm reliant on machine learning and past consumer preferences to determine results, and that app rankings fluctuate.