You Can Pre-Order A $10,000 Gold PS5 This Week


The tweet in question was hastily deleted about an hour later- and though it should be noted that individual branches of GAME run their individual Twitter accounts rather than this being an official announcement, it is entirely possible the store recieved a memo from head office with the information that wasn't supposed to go public before an understandably overzealous member of staff tweeted it out. It won't be cheap, though - the cheapest PS5 24K gold option starts at the somewhat insane price of $10,427. Their business model is pretty straightforward: they'll take a hot new product like the latest Samsung Galaxy phone, cover it in gold and jewels, and then sell it for a robust profit.

RIDE 4 will be released on October 8 , 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC/STEAM and on January 21, 2021 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Sure, you don't like the white PS5, but if you don't have the 10 Grand Burning in your pocket, it will most likely respond to your preferences for different colors at a reasonable price.

Christopher Nolan's Tenet already nearing the $150 million mark globally
In contrast, Disney canned its plan for a big-screen release of Mulan , preferring instead to run it on digital platforms. In China, Tenet earned U.S. 30 million and was just behind The Eight Hundred , the Chinese war epic.

Aside from the 24K gold, there are also the slightly more expensive 18K rose gold and platinum variants, depending on your preferences (or if you have a little more spare change in your wallet). Also, you can order the DualSense controller and 3D Pulse headset separately (from the looks of it, they appear to only come in 24K gold), if you just want to flex with the new accessories.

There will only be 250 of these limited-edition consoles created for each available option.

PlayStation fans are asking Sony to reveal more details about the PlayStation 5 in the wake of a series of major Xbox announcements. PlayStation 5 will be showcased in a luxury wooden display case with free shipping and worldwide insurance. Alternatively, you could spend that same amount of money buying a regular PS5, a dozen or so launch games, and putting a down payment on a new vehicle.