USA says it will be ready for vaccine distribution by November


Public health experts are sounding the alarm that the vaccine is being rushed and could be pressured into distribution before it's ready by the Trump administration, ostensibly to boost the president's chances in the November 3 election against former Vice President Joe Biden. And there are a number of vaccines in the final stages of testing.

Secondary outcomes from the trial suggest the vaccines also produce a T cell response within 28 days, the researchers said.

When a Covid-19 vaccine becomes available, the COVAX initiative, which is being co-led by Gavi, CEPI, and WHO, will guarantee fair and equitable access to the Covid-19 vaccine for every country in the world.

The CDC provided states with documents giving details of a vaccine rollout plan, adding that they would either be approved as licensed vaccines or under emergency use authorization. "That I would like to assure the world", Tedros said, stressing that standards are ensured by WHO and national health authorities. "We've been ramping up that effort many-fold in the past few weeks". The draft report is available for a brief, four-day public comment period, closing Friday, September 4.

In the letter, Redfield requested governors to waive any regulatory barriers that would prevent McKesson from operating distribution facilities. "I've said this repeatedly, I'll say it again: There will not be a vaccine for virtually everybody this calendar year".

CDC officials met with California's top health leaders on August 20 and 21 to discuss vaccine distribution plans that could be used as models for other states, doing similar visits to Florida, Minnesota, North Dakota and the city of Philadelphia.

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"Showing safety will be crucial with COVID-19 vaccines, not only for vaccine acceptance but also for trust in vaccination broadly", he said in a commentary in the Lancet.

Across the world, governments are hoping to announce a vaccine as soon as possible against the virus, which has infected well over 26 million people, upended millions of lives and wreaked havoc on the global economy. Whether those trials can be completed by November 1 remains a big question, Mills said.

Last week, India's Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan confirmed that the two countries were in communication, when asked by reporters whether New Delhi had been formally approached by Moscow over manufacturing the vaccine. Some of the leading COVID-19 vaccines use adenoviruses, including the Oxford University vaccine and an Ad26 vaccine developed by Johnson and Johnson.

"The FDA can pull rank and issue an EUA", Mills said. Three others are in Phase 3 clinical trials from makers Sinovac Biotech of China, Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech, and Johnson & Johnson's pharmaceutical subsidiary Janssen, according to Reuters. "Vaccines should be ready when they are found to be safe and efficient". But the notion that one may be ready in October was "super optimistic", he said. Participants will be randomly selected to get the MMR vaccine or a placebo. Who should get it first?

"Since vaccines are given to healthy people and during the COVID-19 pandemic, potentially to everyone after approval following (advanced) trials, safety is paramount", the scientists wrote.