Skip Bayless: No sympathy for Dak Prescott's depression


Fox Sports host Skip Bayless tried Friday to tamp down pushback to comments he made the day before criticizing Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott for remarks he made about grappling with depression - just hours after his employer appeared to reprimand him for the comments.

Bayless said Thursday that he has no sympathy for Prescott because he's supposed to be the leader of an National Football League team.

TW: mental illness and suicide.

"This is the final point - one that I'm told was misconstrued by many: The only Dak depression I addressed on yesterday's show was from an interview he taped with Graham Bensinger". The fifth-year superstar said he sought help because he felt overwhelmed trying to deal with everything on his plate.

It was an offseason to forget for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. "Anxiety for the main one".

Prescott said in the TV interview he thought he might be experiencing depression just a few days before his older brother's death.

The two-time Pro Bowler said his symptoms became so severe that he lost motivation to train and prepare for the upcoming season.

"I can't say enough about him", McCarthy said. "I didn't know necessarily what I was going through, to say the least, and hadn't been sleeping at all".

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With the "In Depth with Graham Bensinger" set to air this weekend, Prescott used his time during a Cowboys press conference to stress the importance of mental health. Dak and his other brother, Tad, said that Jace struggled with being the primary caregiver of their mother #PeggyPrescott, as she battled colon cancer.

I don't think Dak's teammates are going to look at things any differently because he was depressed over that, who wouldn't be?

"Because our adversities, our struggles, what we go through is always gonna be too much for ourselves and maybe too much for even one or two people, but never too much for a community or too much for people in the family that you love", he continued.

After Bayless' comments were blasted on Twitter, Fox issued a statement praising the quarterback and saying it didn't agree with what Bayless said. You know and I know the sport that you play, it is dog eat dog.

The talking head then went on to imply that acknowledging mental health struggles is a sign of "weakness".

"When you have thoughts that you've never had, I think that's more so than anything a chance to realize it and recognize it, to be vulnerable about it", Prescott said in a report from ESPN.

Other high-profile individuals across the world of sports came to Prescott's defence and commended him for his bravery while lambasting Bayless for his take. Reactions on social media swarmed in as many notable sports personalities defended Prescott and blasted Bayless.

Bayless, who is no stranger to the label "hot take artist" was roundly condemned by his colleagues in the sports media.