Our 'Read Before You Retweet' Function Actually Works


To help promote informed discussion and reduce spread of fake, harmful content, Twitter will very soon launch a new prompt on Android for the users to open and read the article first before retweeting. Encouraging people to read at least the articles they share seems to be a wise way to promote media literacy and stop the awful reactions that can spread false alarms. This isn't the only feature Twitter's been testing to improve life on its platform.

The company said it will expand its policies to remove any posts which contain "false or misleading information" about an election result, such as tweets declaring a victor before votes have been certified.

In June, the company began testing a new prompt for users of its Android app created to make sure that they had read articles before sharing them.

It also said that the banners, which warn users that "headlines don't tell the full story", had caused a 33pc rise in people opening articles before they share them on the site.

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According to Twitter Communications, people opened articles 40 percent more often after they were they were prompted. Of course, there was also a small number of people who refrained from retweeting an article after reading it.

Sure it is, but if you haven't actually read the article, you may be retweeting nonsense, or - even worse - completely false information.

In May, Twitter began a test that allows users to limit who can reply to their tweets on Android, iOS and web apps. Now, the company says it's pleased with the results of the test, and will soon start rolling out the feature globally.