Normality could return in summer 2021 if vaccine succeeds: UK health minister


Matt Hancock said that if a second lockdown happened, it would be "different" the the first.

His comments came as the Government announced people in England could face fines of up to £10,000 if they refuse an order to self-isolate. We face a choice. If everybody follows the rules - and we'll be increasingly stringent on the people who are not following the rules - then we can avoid further national lockdowns.

The UK is facing a "tipping point" as "more restrictive measures" can be taken to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, the Minister of Health told Sky News.

He appeared to contradict Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, who backed people informing on their neighbours if they were breaking the new rules, adding: "It's not dobbing in neighbours, it's all about us taking personal responsibility".

He continued: "We've seen relatively few cases caught through schools, and people at work - schools have got huge procedures in place to keep schools safe, and the return to school has gone really well". Then if you test positive or if you had a contact and you are told to self isolate it is absolutely critical that you do to break the chains of transmission.

"I am veryworried about this second wave". "We've seen in Europe it can shoot through the roof".

Britain's government said Sunday it is introducing fines up to 10,000 United Kingdom pounds, or $13,000, for people who refuse an order to self-isolate, which will go into effect on September 28.

A Toronto-Area College Is Reporting Multiple COVID-19 Cases Among Students
On-campus classes will continue; approximately 25 per cent of courses have an in-person component. At least 28 students at Western University have tested positive for COVID-19.

More than 4,000 cases of COVID-19 were reported in the United Kingdom yesterday, the highest daily rise in cases in more than four months.

He told The Sun: "I have never much been in favour of sneak culture, myself", and said members of the public should not report their neighbours for breaching the the "rule of six" unless they are having large parties.

"And so nobody underestimates just how important this is, new regulations will mean you are legally obliged to do so if you have the virus or have been asked to do so by NHS Test and Trace".

"And the more that we can control the virus now and stop the spread now, the easier it will be to have a Christmas as normal as possible - it's what I hope for my family and I hope that we can get there".

Additionally, coronavirus tests will now be prioritised; firstly for hospital patients, second for care homes, third for NHS staff (including Global Positioning System and pharmacists), fourth for targeted testing to manage and monitor outbreaks, fifth for teachers with Covid-19 symptoms, and then the general public with symptoms, whilst prioritising those in areas where there are more infections.

Some people in COVID-19 hotspots have complained they can not book a test or are being sent hundreds of miles away to get one.