NHS coronavirus contact tracing app goes live in England and Wales


In Wales, the app will complement our existing contact tracing and testing services and will further support our co-ordinated response to COVID-19 at both a local and national level.

The total figure is likely to be higher when iPhone downloads are included, but Apple does not provide similar figures for app downloads.

Numerous issues were fixed over the first day of its rollout, on 24 September.

The app is so simple to use, and it is incredibly effective.

NHS officials initially rejected Apple and Google's contact tracing framework because it stored data in a decentralised manner on a user's device.

Data from the Department for Health and Social Care shows 411 people who tested positive for Covid-19 in Redbridge were transferred to the Test and Trace service between May 28 and September 9.

However, pubs should maintain an alternative check-in method to collect the details of people who don't have the app, for example a digital log. It was bombarded with one-star reviews.

The app will then guide you to booking a test online.

There is a risk the app could mistakenly think a user is within two metres of an infectious person due to malfunctioning Bluetooth signals, which can be affected by surrounding objects.

A screenshot of the coronavirus contact tracing app
A screenshot of the coronavirus contact tracing app

A coronavirus contact tracing app has launched across England and Wales at what the Health Secretary has called "a tipping point" in the fight against coronavirus.

Mr Hulme said: "It is so important that we all personally do everything we can to stem the tide of Covid-19 and reduce the rate of infection - the new NHS Covid-19 app will help us all to do that". If you receive a positive result, you can tell the app, and it will send an anonymous notification to any app user who you've come into recent close contact with.

If someone falls ill, they can tell the app, which will then ping their keys to a central server and in turn send them off to all app users in search of a match.

It also allows people to report symptoms, order a coronavirus test, check into venues by scanning a QR code and it helps the NHS trace individuals who may have Covid-19.

Some 160,000 businesses have already downloaded QR codes for use in their facilities. Scotland has its own app, which has more than one million downloads, covering around a quarter of its adult population, and Northern Ireland's app has over 300,000 user.

Fewer than three in five close contacts of people with coronavirus in Redbridge are being reached through the NHS test and trace programme.

Britain reported 6,178 new daily cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday.

However, these apps can not now work together, meaning a user of the Scottish app can not warn someone who only has the England and Wales app.

Internet law expert, professor Lilian Edwards - who was on an ethics advisory panel for the earlier, now defunct version of the England & Wales app - made this point to BBC Radio 4's World at One program yesterday.

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