'Most' of team has already contracted COVID-19, LSU coach says


2020 is starting off slightly less lucky for the defending champs, as head coach Ed Orgeron announced Tuesday that he thinks "most" of the team's roster has already contracted COVID-19.

Orgeron told reporters Tuesday "about three or four guys" on the team now have COVID-19, but there are not "a lot of guys in quarantine" on the team.

"Hopefully that once you catch you don't get it again", he said."I'm not a doctor". "But some players have caught it". I think that we've got a good handle of it. "I think they have that 90-day window, so most of the players that have caught we do feel like they'll be eligible games".

LSU, like many programs in the SEC and nationally, has not provided regular reports on the number of players who have contracted the novel coronavirus.

Orgeron did not go into detail about whether any LSU players who tested positive have experienced symptoms.

"We look at the players that haven't caught it", he said. "We know that with the players haven't caught it, we have to have some backups in their position ready in case they catch it".

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The outbreak apparently stemmed from a group of five or six players.

"You have to make adjustments", he said.

He adds that no more than 4 players now have active cases which is good news as their home opener is just around the corner against Mississippi State.

He added that all but two or three offensive linemen missed practice because of testing two weeks ago.

"We couldn't go any team, [but] we adjusted very well".