LabCorp: New Test Can Detect COVID-19 and Flu


However, if you miss this window you can still get the flu shot and reap the benefits.

Even with increased health risks this season, many will still fight the advice to get the flu shot.

Millie Martin, practice manager for Out of the Box Healthcare, said the current use of masks may help slow the spread of flu in addition to COVID-19.

"We wish to reach those communities of color and underrepresented minorities with even more intensity, but we're not a whole lot smarter about how to do that, unfortunately", Schaffner said. "And it's very, very important because if you don't get sick from the flu, not only does this help you, it also helps others around you because you are not spreading it to them".

Although the novel virus is particularly alarming to families because it is so new and there are so few treatments to help ease symptoms, the Children's National Hospital report found that there is no "statistically significant difference" in the rates of hospitalization, ICU admission or mechanical ventilation between young COVID-19 patients and flu patients.

Additionally, the World Health Organization pointed out that the already limited medical resources will be further strained when people flocked hospitals due to influenza.

Last year's flu season, spanning October 2019 through this past March, totalled between 39 million and 56 million cases and 18 million to 26 million medical visits, according to estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Distinguishing between influenza and COVID-19 symptoms is hard, Sonpal said.

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Moscow began mass flu vaccination on September 1.

"We don't know how people are going to present when they have both the flu and COVID-19".

The company's Pixel self-collection kit-previously greenlit by the FDA for COVID-19 in mid-April-includes a short nasal swab designed for the lower portion of the nostril, compared to longer swabs for the deeper recesses of the nose. "By mid-October is when we really gear up to provide the flu shot".

Think of getting the flu shot as a community initiative. The CDC has stated that once you receive the shot it takes your body about two weeks to develop the antibodies. Then once one has a reasonable level of protection, the protection tends to last on average for six months. "There is some discussion or medical argument that there is an ideal time to vaccinate. To ensure you are getting the most coverage during the season it is best to wait to get the shot". You can use VaccineFinder.orgexternal icon to find where flu vaccines are available near you.

Previously, a CDC analysis of 500 patients in the COVID-19-Associated Hospitalization Surveillance Network (COVID-NET) found a much higher rate of ICU admission among children, at 33%.

During that same season in the US, the Centres for Disease Control stated that the vaccine prevented millions of cases, and thousands of hospitalizations, as well as more than 3,500 deaths.

As students return to the classroom in the coming days, Song said the research team's next steps are to take a closer look at the impact of school closures on the spread of COVID-19 among children. "He says so many things that aren't true, I'm anxious if we really do have a good vaccine, people will be reluctant to take it".

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