Joe Biden meets family of African American shot by police, Jacob Blake


The 77-year-old former vice-president, travelling two days after President Donald Trump visited the same city, plans to meet with the family of Jacob Blake, who remains hospitalized after being shot seven times in the back by a white police officer as authorities tried to arrest him.

The Democratic nominee and his wife Jill Biden entered a private meeting at the Milwaukee airport with several members of Blake's family, including his father and three siblings, the Biden campaign said.

"What we want to do is - we've got to heal", Biden said at a news conference Wednesday.

Mr Biden's visit to Wisconsin comes four years after the previous Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, overlooked the Midwestern state during her campaigning, and it turned out to be pivotal in Mr Trump's against-all-odds 2016 election victory.

President Donald Trump visited Kenosha on Tuesday after Democratic leaders told him not to come.

Biden added that he "didn't hear much" from Trump in regard to the shooting of Jacob Blake.

"Sleepy Joe Hiden' was acknowledged by his own people to have done a awful job on a much easier situation, H1N1 Swine Flu", Trump wrote, accusing the "OBiden Administration" of failing "badly", and claiming that the Democratic presidential hopeful now "sits back in his basement and criticizes every move we make" on COVID-19, with Trump once again branding the pathogen as the "China Virus". Biden also denounced violent protests from both right-wing and left-wing activists and called for those that take part in looting or property damage to be prosecuted.

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Biden, the Democratic candidate opposing Trump in the November 3 election, has criticized the USA leader for failing to condemn all violence from the political left and right, while at the same time refusing to criticize a teenage vigilante accused of killing two people and wounding another during protests launched by the shooting of the Black man in Kenosha, Jacob Blake.

He said that past research shows that if the overall perception of protests turns violent, then polls could shift between five to ten points in the favour of Republicans, according to Bloomberg. And in his opinion, that means Joe Biden must become president.

"People are beginning to figure out who we are as a country".

Police had been called for a domestic disturbance report on August 23 and officers deployed a taser to subdue Mr. Blake after trying to arrest him, according to state authorities.

Kenosha was calm ahead of Biden's visit. "So now he's trying to scare America", Biden said in Pittsburgh this week. He accused Trump of acting "irresponsibly" by not condemning violence amid protests.

Despite repeated questions from reporters, the president refused to address racism in the country or its police departments.